We against animal shooting for the aesthetic and educational purpose

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION (ПОДПИШИТЕ, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, ПЕТИЦИЮ).URGENT! THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW WILL BE TOO LATE! SEND THIS LETTER TO EACH Member of Parliament, who are registered in Facebook, Twitter, etc OTHERWISE WE WILL BE HELPLESSLY CRYING! On behalf on the all Ukrainian citizens, who has pets and on behalf of the all animal protectors we ask you to prevent acceptance on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, during final review, of the law, which MAKES HOMELESS DOGS AND CATS EQUAL TO WOLVES and allows to hunt on them even in settlements (cities, towns, villages). It is law № 9139 «About the reforming and improving of permission system in the field of natural environment protection, rational and sustainable use of natural resources for ecological safety, decrease of the regulatory preassure on the economic entities».

In Ukraine movement of doghunters is appeared and developed, where people severely kill and cripple animals, as homeless as well as those, who have home. Those actions and existance of doghunetrs in general, extremely sharpened confrontation. In Internet more and more often claims appear to perform lynching over doghunters. Acceptance of this law will be profitable for doghunters. Please believe, that this law will raise the wave of outrage in Ukrainian society. By the way, hunter cannot define, where is the homeless cat and where is the one, which owner let to have some walking outside. But the main point is that it is immoral to accept law about hunting on cats and dogs.in villages and cities of Ukraine.
World society also will be outraged at such cruelty of State Council of Ukraine. With Best Regards, Igor Prystavskyy, head of Public

Council at Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

To whom it may concern/to international mass media

Dear Sir/Madam,

State Council of Ukraine has scheduled for Tuesday, November 6 review of the law № 9139 «About the reforming and improving of permission system in the field of natural environment protection, rational and sustainable use of natural resources for ecological safety,
decrease of the regulatory preassure on the economic entities» — final review(reading).
With this law, which was accepted in February in first reading, such shameful occurance as doghunting — hunting on pets in settlements is legalized.

After wide protests of society and articles in mass media, in September profile(dedicated) committee of State Council (ecologic one) made changes, that take into consideration many comments made by society and representatives of Ministy of Ecology. Many comments but not the main one: project sample provided by committee still contains the regulation to provide permits on HUNTING ON HOMELESS DOGS AND CATS — in any time and anywhere, even in places where hunting is forbidden. There is a quote:»Permit on special use of the objects of animal world can be issued:
by district, Kyiv and Sevastopol city state administrations, and on the territory of Autonomous Republic of Crimea — by the executive authority body of Autonomous Republic of Crimea responsible for natural environment protection — on hunting on wolves, foxes, MIGRANT DOGS AND CATS,
gray crows, magpies, rooks and selective diagnostic shooting of game animals for veterinary and sanitary expertise within the territories and protected areas;
central executive body responsible for ensuring of implementation of the state policy in the field of forestry and hunting, and in the
Autonomous Republic of Crimea — the executive body of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea responsible for forestry and hunting — for hunting on wild boars, axis and European deer, moose, mouflon, squirrels, marmots, beavers, badgers, muskrat, marten and stone, American mink, the hunting on wolves, foxes, MIGRANT DOGS AND CATS, gray crow, magpie, rook not in hunting season or in prohibited for hunting locations (excluding protected areas), foxes and raccoon dogs during the year in the areas of game breeding.»

That means, that Kyiv and Sevastopol city and regional administrations can grant permit for hunting on (shooting) «WALKING» DOGS AND CATS. The same permit TO HUNT
ON THESE PETS can be provided by executive hunting agency — for shooting not in hunting season (during the year) and in places not designated for hunting (thus, in the settlements).

It should be noted that such regulation is not accepted in any country of the world! It should also be mentioned that the legislation of Ukraine does not contain such term as «MIGRANT DOGS AND CATS» and its definition/explanation. Art. 1 of the Law of Ukraine «On protection of animals from cruelty» includes concept definition of «domestic animals» (which includes dogs and cats) and «homeless animals «, which are» pets, abandoned by human or semi-formed group, able to reproduce outside human control.» There is no criterion by which you can distinguish pet animals, which destruction, including shooting, is strictly prohibited, from «homeless animals». So all dogs and cats outdoors are in danger of being killed.

This is an unprecedented piece of legislation, the adoption
of which will put Ukraine in the category of savage countries.

Submitting the law on final reading in the last days of the old part of State Council indicates that it will be accepted. After last weekend State Council elections, the new structure of State Council will be busy with many other things untill they will have time to review this law, and secondly, in the new structure of State Council the opposition will be much stronger, so this law is unlikely to be accepted. Such intentions indicate other factors, including:

Removing the project from the list of scheduled laws for second(final) reading in September and its lightning appearance in the agenda several days before the review, minimizes the possibility of resistance and social resonance;

Submission it in the period when any public events are forbidden (because of the State Council elections) and so
it is almost impossible even to get permission to picket State Council in the day of review.

Completely double position of dedicated committee led by Anatoliy Semynoga: in September committee issues negative conclusion regarding the law, where Anatoliy Semynoga admits that mistakes in the project are systematic and it even cannot be improved and recommends to refuse it completely and on October 4 he includes there his multiple changes and submits it for second(final) review for acceptance.

Only intervention of mass media and society can prevent a threat of turning cities and villages into hunting zone. PLEASE HELP!!!

President of State Organisation «Institure of modern problems of Ukraine»
Senior scientific assistant
Institute of World history of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Chief of laboratory of law and regulation
Ukrainian center of cultural investigations of Ministry of Cultute of Ukraine
Chief Editor of «Contrast» newspaper
PhD, Associate Professor
Meteliova T.O.
+38050 727 28 19
(044) 513-94-52

head of Dniprodzerzhynsk public association
of animal protection «ZOOshchyt» (in Dniprodzerzhynsk)
Pikiner E.V.
+38067 631 13 74

head of department of animal and environment protection
of International Congress for protection rights and freedoms of human «Svit» («World») (in Odessa)
Marchenko O.V.
+38067 917 48 77

Head of Public organization «Tsentr dopomogy tvarynam» («Center of animal aid»)
Head of ecological committee Public Council at the Council of Ministers of Crimea
Piddubna M.E.
+38099 230 78 14

from the Public Initiative-support forum for homeless animals UA-VET
Shulzhenko IV
+38050 311 02 05

Head of Dnipropetrovsk Public organization «Virnist» («Loyalty»)
V. Konovalov

Head of Dnipropetrovsk Public organization «Druge zhyttya» («Second life»)
Seredyna O.G.

Head of the Association of Crimean for animal rights
Rozhkov O.S.
+38050 988 84 09

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