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AndrosLand music project was founded by Oleg Andros in 2011. Genres – acoustic rock, dream trance, new age, trip-hop.
In 2009-2011 Oleg had been successfully cooperating with Igor Rud’ (participation in recording the Lift song by the Nesamostiynyi Druh (“Dependent Friend”) project and Andriy Khavruk who had recorded the debut album ND. In summer 2011 Oleg starts to record his own songs and instrumental tracks. In autumn 2011 demo of the Prosti Chary (“Simple Spells”) song was recorded together with Kyiv vocalist Michael Rybak. The song was presented by Igor, Michael and Oleg on April 11, 2012 in Kyiv, Mytets gallery, on the Kiev art spring-2012 festival.In December 2011 two songs were recorded jointly with Yelena Galkina (Barda) – Zabytyi Narod (“Forgotten people”) by Aenya and Gothic Muse by Tirex and Bohemienne.
In the first half of 2012 joint records are held with Kyiv poet Iryna Babanina (Kyivski Elegii (“Kyiv Elegies”) and the founder of Antara project Kristina “Dzvinka”  (Instrumental III).
In spring of 2012 the first concert line-up of the project is being formed: Tirex — vocals, Oleg Andros – keyboards, Igor Rud’ – guitar. The band embarks on its first performance on the Stepogray-2012 festival in Kirovohrad oblast where it performs mixed electronic and acoustic program. In summer Lila Pereguda (vocals) joins the line-up. The band’s second live performance was on the opening of the large scene on Mlynomania-2012 festival.
During the summer the band works on the remix of Prevyshaia Skorost (“Exceeding the Speed”) song by the St.-Petersburgh alternative rock band Revolta. Guitarist Alexey Khvorostiankin, a talented heavy metal player, joins the Prosti Chary recording, Anton Korolyov, bagpipe player, participates in the instrumental tracks recording. In August 2012  Lila Pereguda starts to record her own songs (Brotherhood of dream, Commander etc.). Together with Lila Pereguda Oleg and Andriy Khavruk make extravagant “electronic” remix of the widely known folk ballad Herr Mannelig.
In December 2012 the AndrosLand’s remix of Tenebrae song  by Soncesvit project will first be released on CDs (music by Ivan Luzan, words by Paul Celan).
The minion All power to imagination, as well as EP Prosti Chary are ready.
Full-length album is still being recorded and mastered.

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