Financial details

Russian, Ukrainian



In Kyiv, there are four of our charity boxes to collect charitable funds. They can be found at:

* Kyiv Zoo, between parking lot and elephant corral, near “KPI” metro station;

* “Vega-Market” store, Raisy Okipnoy str.  2, near “Livoberezhna” metro station, 3d floor, in the “Tourist” hotel and “Ukrop” caffee;

* “Vega-Market” store, Petra Hryhorenka Ave, 32d, near “Poznyaki” metro station and ATB market;

* “Vega-Market” store,  Peremohy Avenue, 73/1 (in front of “Furshet” across the road, near “Nyvky” metro station).


Our bank account details for Ukraine:

Monobank (UAH account) 4441114410405862, Andros Oleh Evgeniyovych;

Privatbank (UAH account, Visa) — 4149609005574563, Andros Oleg Evgeniyovych;

Privatbank (UAH account) — 4149629315001115, Komarova Andjela Evgenivna.

Privatbank (UAH account):

Beneficiary’s account number: 2600 105269 1931

Beneficiary: NGO “«Nature First» IJA”  (ГО “СВЖ Природа над усе”)

EDRPOU Code (OKPO): 40840406

MFO: 320649

Payment purpose: charitable contribution.

Financial details for foreign countries:

Paypal – please ask the details in private message, e-mail zoocatskyiv at

We advise you to use Transferwise for money transfer to the VISA cards above.