Our declaration

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The Independent Journalists Association (IJA) “Nature First” offers you to get to know our ideological basis and directions of activity.

We are a group of people who voluntarily devote their lifetime and inspiration to spreading biocentric philosophy in Ukraine.

“Nature First” NGO is a voluntary association of people of creative professions who dedicate their activities to the protection of nature. Journalists, artists, translators, musicians, photographers, videographers, writers, who are members of the NGO, are first of all “advocates” of nature and the creatures that inhabit it.

Our priority is to protect the rights of nature, and then to protect human rights (although we do not deny basic social rights). We question the human right to use nature as a resource.

“Nature First” IJA was created with the aim of spreading and developing the philosophy of biocentrism in Ukraine as the only way out of ecological collapse. Saving nature, protecting flora and fauna suffering from technogenic overload ensures the survival of humans as a species, which is only a small fraction of biodiversity. Mankind can save itself only through a deep inner rethinking of its place on planet Earth.

The future of humanity, its health and well-being depend on the realization of biocentrism as a progressive way of thinking compared to anthropocentrism. By protecting nature, people protect themselves.

The ideology of our NGO is based on rethinking and borrowing the best ideas from such figures as Albert Schweitzer, Dave Forman, Peter Singer, William R. Catton Jr., Jerry Mander, Arne Næss, Sepp Holzer, and others.

Areas of activity of the Nature First IJA

– writing articles, holding press conferences;
– public activities (street and other actions of educational and protest nature);
– publishing fiction, publicistic collections, booklets, leaflets;
– production of social video clips;
– conducting lectures on the topics of deep and social ecology, development of dialog between the directions of environmentalism;
– monitoring of media space in order to identify and criticize materials that form aggressive attitudes towards animals and consumerist attitudes towards nature;
– promotion of a healthy lifestyle (vegetarianism, smoking and alcohol avoidance);
– conducting presentations of printed and video products of our NGO;
– organization of charity events.

For the period of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, we are forced to focus on maintaining our animal welfare project, Cat Town.

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