We thank Suzanne Dostaleva and her charitable foundation Ukraine Today for supporting Zoocats in 2018

July, 2, 2018, Kyiv city.

We thank Suzanne Dostaleva and her charitable foundation Ukraine Today for supporting Zoocats in 2018!
We spayed and vaccinated several cats under our care in the Cat Town on the Kyiv Zoo territory.
Please excuse us for attaching graphic photos from surgeries, but we need to include them for reporting purposes; please see the report at the link. This post contains the most positive news.
Summary of expenditures:
1. 10 (ten) doses of Felocel vaccine.
2. Spaying of 3 female cats in the Red Fox clinic.
3. Neutering of 6 male cats, veterinarian V.V. Stryzhuk.
5. Spaying of a female cat, veterinarian V.V. Stryzhuk.
6. Spaying of 2 female cats, veterinarian V.V. Stryzhuk.
7. Neutering of 6 male cats, veterinarian V.V. Stryzhuk.
8. Spaying of 1 female cat in the Liubimets veterinarian clinic.

Dear friends, we are glad to inform you about financial help of Ukraine today charity fund to the Zoocats project (Kyiv, Ukraine).
Since June 2017 “Ukraine Today” has been providing financial support to the Ukrainian NGO ““Nature First” Free Journalists Association”. This organization provides help and care (feeding, spaying/neutering, adoption) to stray cats in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine, on the territory of the Kyiv Zoo. You can read about our first act of cooperation here.
The Zoocats project exists since October, 2010. Since April, 2017 volunteers of “Nature first” are building Cat’s Town which will include center for adoption and art center. Thankfully to Suzanne Dostaleva, the head of “Ukraine Today” foundation, in April, May and June, 2018 volunteers spayed/neutered a few cats (males and females) and bought 10 vaccines “Felocel” for them.
Volunteers of NGO “Nature First” are claiming for support from all the humane people all over the world.
There’s more than 80 stray cats living in Kyiv zoo. Activists had caught, healed and spayed/neutered them. That’s how they saved these animals from violent death on the streets or within the walls of Kyiv Zoo. Now almost all the cats are living on a special territory enclosed with a high fence. This place is called the Cat’s Town and is fully supported by patrons who provide charitable aid (we raise charity donations using social media), while neither the Ukrainian state or local authorities assist this NGO.
During its existence, Cat’s Town project became a special place for people who love animals. Among its numerous guests there are people tired of living in the metropolis, people (children and adults) with disabilities, displaced people from the Donbass military conflict area, combat actions participants. “Nature first” NGO kindly accept all the types of arts in its project: you can hear good music and refined poetry there, volunteers serve tea to cats’ guests, visitors communicate with cats and make selfies with animals.
The main aim of the volunteers is the creation of a fully-developed art zone combined with a place for adoption of stray cats. However, the zoo started reconstruction and we were informed by local authorities that in 2019 activists have to leave the zoo and take out all the stray cats.
Contact person of NGO “Nature First” FJA”: Oleg Andros, Coordinator for public relations +38(097)502-75-51, e-mail: [email protected] Facebook pages https://www.facebook.com/zoocatskyiv/


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