Kyiv feminists march 2017

This year in Kyiv feminists have marched under the banner of “No to violence of any kind, from the maternity ward to the conscription office!” We want to talk about multifaceted and ubiquitous institutional violence.
This takes the form of reproductive violence – pressure to have children, condemning the childless, anti-choice campaigns, cruelty in the hospital, demanding the sterilization of trans people, and the compulsion laid upon intersex people to undergo so-called voluntary surgical “sex adjustment.”
Women are experiencing sustained economic violence. They receive lower wages, while doing the vast majority of housework. Poor women in the second and third world are even more vulnerable and exploited. They are often forced to perform unskilled manual labour and become economic migrants.
Rape culture makes women fear for their own safety and makes them feel responsible for sexual violence, which, like domestic violence and sexism, increases in times of military conflict.
War has fallen on the shoulders of women as an additional burden – the economic crisis, unemployment, cuts in salaries and scolarships, the curtailing of social benefits. Furthermore, they are called to raise new soldiers, which the state then disposes of once they reach adulthood. Women from eastern Ukraine and Crimea, have been driven out of their homes, and raise children and take care of senior parents without state support and adequate social protection. Because of economic difficulties, a great many people are trapped in conflict zone.
The new government policy is trying to abolish events such as International Women’s Day as state holidays, and in this case, replace it with “Family Day.” During this massive conservative and neoliberal turn, and increased clericalization, we call upon help for the feminist resistance: Feminists, join us and march!”.

Pictures by Oleg Andros on Facebook.

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